Craig Wright Predicts Bitcoin SV to Process 1TB Blocks in Next Two Years

Dec 2, 2018 at 19:30 Update Date :Dec 21, 2018 at 11:54 UTC

Dr. Craig S. Wright, an Australian computer scientist, and a so-called man behind the creation of Bitcoin, planning for Bitcoin SV (BSV) to process 1 Terabyte blocks in the coming time.

As per the tweet, the time predicted is 2 years. Although, he didn’t explain how he would achieve that the intention was pretty clear and simple – 1 TB blocks in the next two years. In his tweet, he wrote:

“2 years target. 2-4 Months TPS peak. 500k sustained. Terranode Bitcoin.”

Why Process Blocks?

The idea to produce more blocks in after considering the demand for transaction space in BTC blocks. The demand is generally too high, and the leading crypto is struggling these days, that led to Bitcoin to struggle in keeping pace with the present demand.

As Dr. Wright and other experts in Bitcoin cash don’t wish to scale solutions which will take the transactions off-chain, therefore, the idea of increasing the demand of blocks is like a light in the dark. It also includes expanding the storage space for BTC nodes.

The current situation of BSV blocks is not fair. Due to the lack of transaction activities, the blocks are on average are smaller compared to the Bitcoin blocks. BSV, because of having smaller blocks among the three version of BTC, has the fewest transactions. Dr. Wright, along with his partners, is trying to change the current circumstance through corporate partnerships. This will add a boost in bringing the business on board again.

Response to the Tweet

The tweet of Dr. Wright results in more sarcastic replies, as one of the users said that Dr. Wright will be in jail after two years. There was a positive response too, as one of the users said that BTC SV needs just one good business to get back on the board again. The user hopes that BTC SV will lead to world domination again. He said that it is so great, as we are going to need it in the future. More and more business is jumping on the blockchain. There is a hope that floodgates will soon be going to be opened, once we get one on “The Dragon”. As per the tests, the Dragon will do wonders in future for security, costs, and a lot more.

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