Coinflux’s Founder Deported to the United States Under Multiple Allegations

Jan 6, 2019 at 21:30 Update Date :Jan 6, 2019 at 21:30 UTC

The latest news in the market is the arrest of the founder of Coinflux. Nistor Vlad Calin who is famous for running a crypto exchange Coinflux will see his image deteriorating in the crypto market. On the court order, Coinflux founder is soon going to be deported to the United States.

As per the reports of a local media firm Mediafax published on January 4, the founder of Romanian crypto exchange Coinflux was arrested in December under a warrant from the United States – in multiple allegations like crime, fraud, and money laundering. As per the allegations, Coinflux founder was illegally conducting these activities on his cryptocurrency exchange.

Coinflux founder was arrested by the United States authorities – after receiving a warrant notice from a secret service agent. The agent accused Coinflux founder to illegally processing the laundering and other criminal activities which were against the law procedures of the United States.

The reports of Mediafax further elaborated about Calin’s lawyer Anatol Panzaru. In their series of reports, they explained that Coinflux founder’s lawyer has announced before the Bucharest Court of Appeal that the terms and conditions on judicial cooperation between the United States and Romania have not met yet.

Added to this, the lawyer of Coinflux founder further said that his client (Nistor Vlad Calin) had no such intentions knowing cryptocurrency earning through fraud activities. The lawyer requested the court to reject the proposal of deportation.

As early reported by AltCoinEra, the Supreme Court of Greece has approved the deportation of Alexander Vinnik – former operator of so-called now-defunct crypto exchange BTC-e. Alexander Vinnik was extradited to France on the same allegations of money laundering. He was arrested in July 2017 by the Greece police – after leading a group which later accused of $4 billion money laundering case in Bitcoin for almost six years.

The firm Coinflux released a blog post on December 15 where they mentioned the details about the steps to be taken to return money from the account of the firm to the bank accounts of clients. The firm further detailed that it informed the MisterTango financial institution – about the users who blocked money on the crypto firm. A lot of people in the comment section of Coinflux’s official Twitter account have asked about the detailed report on the blocked funds.

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