China’s Latest Blockchain Index List Has Bitcoin On The 18th Place

Dec 24, 2018 at 22:30 Update Date :Dec 24, 2018 at 22:30 UTC

The most famous cryptocurrency, Bitcoin falls to the 18th place in China’s latest blockchain index list released this month. The list released by the China’s Center for the Industry and Information Development shows that EOS stands at the top of the latest blockchain index list. The coin has overcome other major cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

EOS Leads Blockchain Index List, But Where is Bitcoin?

As per the reports of Global Public Blockchain Technology Assessment Index, EOS has grabbed the top position with a total score of 156.1 points, whereas, the leading crypto Ethereum, stands second with 136.4 points.

Some more exciting stuff coming from the list is, GXChain has replaced the BitShares and has stood third in the blockchain index list with a total score of 117.5 points, and BitShares ranked 8th in the same list.

The bad news for the crypto lovers is that Bitcoin scored just 96.1 points, and the so-called leading crypto of the world managed to find the 18th position in the latest blockchain index list.

Ontology – a newbie in the list

The blockchain index list ended up with the addition of Ontology. Ontology is the latest tech generation with the combination of high-performance global blockchain and distributed trust amalgamation platform – which is developed independently by the tech team of Ontology. It supports a distributed ledger network, along with the contract system. The news reports stated:

“Based on the new VBFT consensus algorithm, the public ontology chain can issue blocks on demand to achieve second-level confirmation of transactions. Its main network was launched in June 2018.”

Ontology Performance in Blockchain Index List

The performance of Ontology in the latest blockchain index list is breathtaking. It performed perfectly in terms of technology and primary application and secured 4th rank with 112.6 points.

The true fact is, all the blockchains which are more supportive for high performance and application development are ranked above rest of the blockchains. It is also seen that four blockchains out of 10, use the system which is powered by the graphene that gives better performance.

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