Chatbot Incubator enter $300 billion cryptocurrency industry after signing an LOI with Cranky Dwarves

Aug 9, 2018 at 03:40 Update Date :Feb 27, 2019 at 07:46 UTC

Visionstate Corp. has now announced that its main portfolio company Canada Inc., that is working under the name “Chatbot Incubator”, has signed an LOI with Cranky Dwarves, with plans to develop an AI-powered procedure to help in crypto-transactions in financial services to consumers.

“Chatbot Incubator has proposed some extremely innovative ideas for making access to cryptocurrencies easier and more user-friendly. This is a great opportunity for us to develop new revenue streams,” says Cranky Dwarves CEO, Gary Reuter.

The Incubator program will let Cranky Dwarves expand its present crypto-mining operations. David Weiser, Chatbot Incubator CEO, explained:

According to the agreement, Cranky Dwarves will provide them with a $50,000 contract to design this new mining approach by which consumers may acquire cryptos. Chatbot will also reserves rights of first refusal on later designs and implementation procedures Cranky Dwarves might require.

Chatbot Incubator is a private firm based in Montreal, that mainly works to create AI-based applications, mostly required for sales and marketing, and also delivering services. Visionstate currently owns 30% share of the company, and also holds an option to acquire the remaining.

Visionstate is a firm that conducts and invests in research and development of new technology that holds potential to create progress in fields like analytics, sustainability, and the Internet of Everything. Visionstate gives its users access to the usage of disruptive technologies like blockchain and crypto forums, artificial intelligence, and also solar energy. They use state of the art, modern devices to keep track of user and guest activities and requests, thus helping businesses function much more efficiently, greatly reduce working expenses, and create customer satisfaction. Their WANDA smart devices are already under extensive use in airports, shopping complexes, hospitals, and any such other public facilities in the entire continent of North America. The firm now looks to expand even further.

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