Changing Gaming Ecosystem with PixelBit

May 18, 2019 at 08:01 Update Date :May 20, 2019 at 08:04 UTC

“Games are for Children”, gone are the days where we used to hear this. In today’s digital growth the gaming industry has taken a huge leap. With mobile devices as powerful as PC few years ago, this industry is looking for its next huge leap through handheld devices. Favourable growth of digital currencies gave a new perspective into a completely new currency for the whole ecosystem – PixelBit

As the technology grows and gaming industry thrives so does the real word currency rotating on it. The gamers pay for in-game assets which moves to game developers who use that money to promote and incentivise gamers into playing and promoting their games and so on. This continuous rotation incurs charges and wait time which sometimes influences the game performance. This issue is not the only one faced by the gamers around the world but the issue of recycling is . Let us take by an example, If a mobile device is irreplaceable or you can not get money by reselling it then you will use that device for a much much longer time. This will in turn reduce the number of frequent buyers reducing overall growth for Mobile industry, which will create impact on R&D for better and compact technologies of the future.

Gaming industry has been facing the same issue for a long time because of in game assets being bound to a single game as well as no reversal of the bought credits or coins has also impacted users frequent buying of in-game assets. This will bring back the same problem and without proper funds no industry can move to the next level.

With PixelBit (PXB), its team is trying to build a Digital Currency completely designed and to be used by the Game developers, gamers and all those who belong to this ecosystem. The micro-transactions for gems, rubies, gold, coins, credits or whatever the game names it are exhausting and PixelBit aims to create an unified In-Game credit system using PXB coin to pay for all assets, interoperability between games and gamers, earning real world rewards through games, transferring of credits to other accounts or gamers while PixelBit makes those in-game credits into real world assets.

It will be a faster mode of transaction for in game purchases, and due to unified solution gamers can use these credits in all games that use PXB coin which will make user more fluent in spending while letting the user earn while playing as well. This will motivate users to be more casual in their expenditures, and make it easy and less burden to them. PixelBit will be opening a whole new opportunity of alternative methods of generating revenue and bring the required funds on table for the next big leap of this Industry.

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