Cardano Tops the List of Actively Developed Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin Nowhere in the Top 50

Jan 3, 2019 at 21:00 Update Date :Jan 3, 2019 at 21:00 UTC

A sheet of commit ranks has been released by that shows a list of top actively developed cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, a leading cryptocurrency in the world (both in terms of trading and valuation) is nowhere in the list of top actively developed cryptocurrencies.

The data of shows that the most traded and valued cryptocurrency does not necessary to be the most actively developed cryptocurrency. Bitcoin stood at 52nd position in the list ‘the most actively developed cryptocurrency in the last 12 months’.

Cardano, Augur, Ethereum – the Most Actively Developed Digital Assets

The list shows some amazing growth charts of cryptocurrencies which are not the topmost valued and most traded digital assets of 2018.

One such cryptocurrency Cardano – an asset not even in the top 10 most valued cryptocurrencies, is the most actively developed cryptocurrency so far. Cardano has received over 46,000 commits in the code repositories.

Commits – a record of all the changes occur that have been made to a project. A more detailed explanation has been given by the developer of CoinCodeCap:

“A commit, or “revision”, is an individual change to a file (or set of files). It’s like when you save a file, except with Git, every time you save it creates a unique ID (aka the “SHA” or “hash”) that allows you to keep a record of what changes were made when and by whom.”

Another cryptocurrency Augur – ranked 48th in the list of most valued cryptocurrencies, has secured the second position in the list of most actively developed cryptocurrencies in the world. Augur has 22,000 commits in total.

Following the trademark of these most actively developed cryptocurrencies, other major cryptocurrencies like 0x, Ethereum, and Lisk ranked third, fourth, and fifth, respectively. A list of top 10 actively developed cryptocurrencies is as:

Commit rank Name No. of Commits Rank (in terms of market cap)
1 Cardano (ADA) 45,758 11
2 Augur (REP) 21,644 48
3 0x (ZRX) 18,095 32
4 Ethereum (ETH) 15,617 2
5 Lisk (LSK) 14,754 35
6 Status (SNT) 13,534 63
7 TRON (TRX) 12,283 10
8 Komodo (KMD) 12,173 52
9 Skycoin (SKY) 12,068 215
10 Waves (WAVES) 11,732 21


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