Cardano (ADA) is Ready to Shine

Jul 7, 2018 at 02:41 Update Date :Jul 7, 2018 at 02:41 UTC

Cardano (ADA), the blockchain technology pioneered by Charles Hoskinson, seems to be having its moment in the sun as a partnership with Google seems likely at the moment. Charles Hoskinson and his team from IOHK attended a meeting with Google in London recently, with Google teams from all over the world posing questions to the blockchain tech expert via conference calls.

Cardano is an open source blockchain technology that aims at addressing the problems faced by users of Ethereum such as viability in terms of scale, security, consensus mechanism etc.

Although details of what transpired at the meeting have not yet been made public, it is apparent that the conversation progressed rather successfully. Hoskinson and his team, responsible for the coding behind the Cardano platform, fielded questions on the next-generation protocols for the digital finance space as well as plans to outshine Ethereum. Various technological leaps, that are expected to serve both the enterprises very well, were up for discussion.

The meeting with Google came in the wake of Charles Hoskinson’s proposal to collaborate with Tron’s Justin Sun. Meanwhile, IOHK is presently delivering ad establishing the blockchain tech platform in the developing countries of the Africa and Asia to make use of the huge prospects presented by these emerging economies. Earlier, Cardano had signed an agreement with the government of Ethiopia to expand its reach there and has maintained the listing of its ADA coin in Thailand’s Bitkub. Powered by the ambition to make inroads into untapped markets and armed with its stellar technology, Cardano very well seems to be on its way to dismantle market leaders from their comfortable positions. Crypto-enthusiasts are beginning to increasingly prefer Cardano when it comes to diversifying their assets. With its Plutus Corewhich update striking a chord of consonance with Cardano’s simplistic model, Cardano seems poised at the brink of a monumental rise.

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