Buterin and Armstrong Makes To the “40 Under 40” List

Jul 20, 2018 at 06:23 Update Date :Jul 20, 2018 at 06:23 UTC

Cryptocurrencies have not only taken the financial industry by storm but are also on their way to make a huge impression on contemporary culture.

Two of the key personalities of the crypto world, Brian Armstrong and Vitalik Buterin, were again honoured by Fortune Magazine’s “40 under 40” list, representing the magazine’s “annual ranking of the most influential young people in business”.

Brian Armstrong, the CEO and Co-Founder of Coinbase, fell down by ten places from his position in the previous year to number 20 while Buterin, who co-founded Ethereum, ranked at number 22. He has been placed just behind the Barbadian singer Rihanna.

Fortune says that Brian hopes Coinbase will become “the Google of crypto”, bringing a similar wave of the web as Google did. It also stated that the company is heading forward by making investments and acquisitions, “including one that secured it a path to several tantalizing financial licenses.”

Brian played a remarkable role in accelerating the growth of Coinbase since its start. The company now stands with around 13 million users across more than 180 countries.

Brian’s mention could be considered as an acknowledgment of his role in turning cryptocurrency from an absurd internet idea to financial reality.

For Vitalik, the magazine mentioned that the founder describes Ethereum as a “world computer”, adding that the token which started off as a “white paper” is now next to Bitcoin as the “second-most-valuable” cryptocurrency, with a valuation of $48 billion. The magazine also washed off the rumour that search-engine giant Google tried to hire Vitalik to head its crypto trials.

He has been stated as a “skinny visionary” this time, as compared to “a twiggy, Russia-born software developer” last year when he ranked 10th and his debut in 2016 at the 31st place.

The list also marks the presence of figures like Vlad Tenev and Baiju Bhatt, the founders of Robinhood and Telegram respectively. It also witnessed the mention of tech moguls like Mark Zuckerberg at number 2, behind Kevin Systrom, who topped the list.

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