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Cryptocurrency market incepted in 2011 and has expanded multifariously over the years, even after facing numerous hurdles. Today the digital currency market has reached over $200 billion, and an endless number of crypto enthusiasts are actively participating in crypto trading. Digital tokens are the future mode of payment, but it is a matter of concern as to what can be purchased using these assets.

Today, bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, and along with several altcoins, leverage the mainstream of financial transactions. Don’t forget every use of crypto leaves a trail of its accomplishment. Now the question is can bitcoin or altcoin be used to purchase anything from another person just like that? Although, there is a growing trend to use digital tokens, yet crypto has not made a prominent mark in the mainstream of daily financial transactions.

Why small players did not make it big into crypto market initially?

Potential small production organizations did not get a direct entry into the global trading market. The main reasons for this failure were lack of trust in unknown seller and their product. Besides, the sellers lacked knowledge about the international market, and couldn’t avail 24 hours multilingual service for their customers. So developing an e-commerce marketplace was the adequate solution to this peril. Thus seeing a market opportunity, Bitzon made a burgeoning movement in the e-commerce sector to create a marketplace platform wherein users can purchase and sell their services and products. Here sellers need to pay a nominal monthly fee while enlisting numerous items. Besides, Bitzon leverages the blockchain technology so that sellers can receive instant payment just like any other e-commerce site.

The emergence of Bitzon

Developing an e-commerce platform is a tedious task which not only requires resources but expertise as well. But with the help of Bitzon, an online-store builder may sell their products and services at minimal cost while having access to a wide range of platform. Its an exciting opportunity for small-scale manufacturers, individual contractors, and family businesses to enhance their business using Bitzon. It opens up a vast online platform for sales and promotion of the product which helps in boosting the industry.

Bitzon envisions developing a platform where users can develop a personal online store and as well benefit from the technical support team. In this way, the business organizations can focus only on the production of their goods. Leveraging its ground breaking solution for the e-commerce market, Bitzon aims to connect to producers across the globe and offer an online platform based on blockchain technology for the promotion and sale of goods and services. Thus, there is no concept of middleman in business with Bitzon.

The advantage of using Bitzon

• Blockchain Infrastructure

With Bitzon users need not worry about their online traction, as the core technology behind the platform is based on the blockchain, which offers unique and accurate reviews and promotes safe transaction throughout the e-commerce journey.

• Smart Contract

Bitzon functions on a smart contract which is powered by artificial intelligence and blockchain concept for the aid of product filtration and leaves zero percent scope for a fake review.

• Secure System

The blockchain based e-commerce platform efficiently functions to provide security for both the buyers and sellers.

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