BitTorrent Users To Get Crypto Rewards

Aug 1, 2018 at 04:27 Update Date :Aug 1, 2018 at 04:27 UTC

After the acquisition of BitTorrent for more than $100 million, Tron,  the decentralized entertainment and content-sharing platform, at last, unveiled its secret project.

Justin Sun, the founder of Tron said that through Project Atlas, the company’s technology would be directly embedded into the file-sharing platform.

Sun said that the company is currently “exploring” if, Tron’s technology could be used to improve the speed of BitTorrent. He also hopes that the integration would lead to mutual benefit and help “both the parties” in working in unison.

Justin says that there is no incentive for the users who have downloaded content to continue seeding the torrent. However, Tron aims to encourage the users to continue seeding by possibly rewarding them with TRX tokens thereby building a stronger and better ecosystem.

Sun also stated that Bitcoin could be taken Tron ahead in fulfilling its goal of becoming a decentralised hub for content creators. Millions of BitTorrent users across the world are expected to become part of the platform.

“BitTorrent will be the largest application on the Tron network,” helping the company to surpass Ethereum on day-to-day transactions leading it to become “the most influential public chain in the world.”

According to him, the integration of Tron and BitTorrent protocol open the doors to global payments of the company’s digital content. Moreover, it would also provide the creators access to millions of users across the world through the decentralised network.

He also stated that BT users will find a strengthened and competent protocol due to Project Atlas. However, Justin also made it clear that the company does not intend to integrate any cryptocurrency mining processes into BitTorrent.

On Tuesday, the company launching the test version of its virtual machine providing developers with the tools needed to develop digital contracts and decentralised applications. The final release is supposed to launch on August 30th after month-long testing.

Last month, Tron reportedly bought BitTorrent and uTorrent, for around $140 million after around a month’s negotiations.

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