BitMEX & Human Rights Foundation afford $150000 funding to BTC scaling researcher

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Jun 1, 2021 at 08:02 Update Date :Jun 1, 2021 at 08:02 UTC

BitMEX has cooperated with a non-profit HRF to provide a $150K grant to Korean-founded BTC scaling researcher, Calvin Kim.
General crypto offshoots exchange BitMEX has proclaimed a $150K grant for Calvin Kim — a Korean-founded BTC scaling researcher.
The grant encompasses the 2nd example in which BitMEX has backed Kim’s research, with the exchange donating $30k to Kim in August 2020.
For his current research, Kim tactics to tool Utreexo into BTC deployments through the Go & Rust programming tongues correspondingly, while also working on “refining the initial block download time in BTC.”
Utreexo is a BTC scaling solution & hash bet that Kim has been working on since mid-2019, with the protocol’s design having first been future by MIT Digital Currency Inventiveness researcher Thaddeus Dryja — who also co-authored the Lightning Network whitepaper.
The novel funding was issued by BitMEX in collaboration with the non-profit HRF — an organization that ropes human rights activism internationally — with the HRF contributing $50K on top of BitMEX’s $100K one-year funding for Kim. The researcher specified:
‘This year, with the financial support of BitMEX & the HRF, I mean to endure what I was doing previous year & continue moving the Utreexo project to somewhat an operator can download & use.’
In a May 31 statement published by BitMEX’s research branch, the HRF renowned that it has long “worked to indorse human rights on the Korean peninsula finished technology,” & that it confidences to stimulate others from the region to get complicated with BTC.
‘It is thrilling for HRF to have the chance to bolster Calvin’s labors & we confidence that his work can stimulate others from the region to get complicated with BTC & contribute to its assignment to provide open-source freedom money for the world,’ HRF held.
Rendering to the organization’s website, the HRF supports BTC because it “can be a tool of freedom for human rights guards facing hyperinflation or financial surveillance.”
The HRF’s $50K funding to Kim is part of the organization’s $210K BTC Development Fund, which also comprised collaborations with Gemini exchange & Square Crypto in the provision of the developer, Dhruv Mehta.
Mehta received $50K to work on snowballing Bitcoin’s censorship-resistance finished BIP324 — a peer-to-peer message transport protocol that goals to defend Bitcoin peers against man-in-the-middle bouts on seed nodes.
The fund also comprised $50K of support to Nur Khalil, a Nigerian BTC designer who develops BTC wallet software for the Nigerian context.

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