Bitfinex Announces The Launch Of New Reporting Tools

Oct 15, 2018 at 17:00 Update Date :Feb 27, 2019 at 07:46 UTC

Bitfinex, a bitcoin exchange, has announced to launch a suite of new reporting tools intended to help users to gain control over the trades and to give them necessary insights into their activities on the platform.

Bitfinex, in its blog, wrote that through the removal of data limits requests, the tools are designed to let users gain insight views of their account data as per their need.

Bitfinex stated that the User Interface of news reporting tools is based on modern web technology with more focus on enhancing the data presentation and boosting responsiveness among the devices of different users.

The new toolkit is designed simple and allow users to compile required account information easily that can be as old as the account itself. Before these new reporting tools, it wasn’t possible because of the presence of requested data limits. The new toolkit enables Bitfinex users to download their all data on the platform.

A section of the announcement says that Bitfinex is responsible for creating the tools required to meet the needs of institutions and trades that enter the digital trading space. Bitfinex’s suite of tools will accelerate the global adoption rate and facilitate an increase in the mature market.

As per the new reporting framework, Bitfinex users can work offline and their activities are recorded on the local database, this removes the need for active internet connection to work with their account data. The entire toolkit is about to be converted into an open-source that provides the access to customize tools to meet individual needs.

The new suite offers a field wallet that uses Bitfinex API, that provides information which helps to identify the wallet involved in the movements. With the involvement of End-point currencies, a list of the available currencies with ID and full name is easy to get.

The new reporting tool entered the market when more regulators are entering the market and looking up for the crypto exchanges.

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