Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Will Soon Be Seen In Every Browser

Oct 30, 2018 at 17:15 Update Date :Oct 30, 2018 at 17:15 UTC

The Bitcoin’s lightning network has some big challenges lying ahead of it. Setting it up is an extremely challenging and risky task.  In order to make the most upcoming currency an effective and efficient payment method, facing these challenges is rather necessary.

The basic idea is to promote online payments by making the method more user-friendly. This is done by providing more payment methods, all the methods available in web browsers using an API. An API includes a lightning network. The web browser that is being talked about here are the most commonly used- safari, google chrome, firefox. 

If the developers of the prestigious international group, World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), provide their bit, it could make the entire project easier. The developers of W3C are willing to give the additional benefits of adding lightning. This step could help us by making bitcoin’s layer-two more accessible. By providing this step, W3C will be giving its users an entirely new range of options to choose from while paying. Its users will have options other than credit cards or apple pay.

W3C’s Web Payment Working Group, the place where browser API work operates, recently discovered its interest in the crypto world. However, W3C is facing trouble while trying to get crypto and bitcoin enthusiasts involved in work.

With the help of the united efforts of some developers, API and cryptocurrency finally seem to be compatible. Moreover, lightning already seems compatible with the specifications.

In August, Christian Decker, a prominent lightning developer said that bitcoin and lightning should be working together without any roadblocks. Also, Decker, an engineer at blockstream joined the supervisory group – web payments working group to ensure that bitcoin and lightning do not get missed.

There are added benefits to the users using lightning. Whenever a user enters his credit card number or lightning information, the information gets stored by the API to the browser for easy payment.

There is still a lot of work left to be done in order to accomplish the entire operation. Before bitcoin and lightning become a part of the API, a so-called “payment method ID” should be assigned to it, Decker says. Currently, only a basic card identifier has been assigned and they plan to apply for payment method ID soon.

Decker is going about with the entire operation at a slow pace. Lightning developers, too have the same attitude, taking an extremely submissive approach but making sure that lightning remains compatible. 

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