Bitcoin Money Launderer, Alexander Vinnik, Extradited To Russia

Sep 6, 2018 at 12:58 Update Date :Sep 6, 2018 at 12:58 UTC

Alleged Bitcoin tax criminal Alexander Vinnik has told the judges of the Supreme Court of Greece that he needed to be extradited to Russia.

The final decision on his movement to Russia will be finalised and implemented on September 14 as well implemented on that very day.

During this hearing, the court will also hear the part of France’s request on the movement of BTC owner. According to RIA, he agreed to his extradition to Russia. His attorney Timofey Musatov stated that “it’s upto the politicians and their interests.”

The U.S., France, and Russia are presently arguing about the location of Vinnik’s extradition. Some of Greek courts have previously decided for every one of the three nations, with an ultimate conclusion taken by Greek Minister of Justice.

Vinnik was blamed by the US prosecutors for helping illegal money transaction utilizing bitcoin, including exchanges connected to a Russian military intelligence hacking unit called Fancy Bear. Prior in May, there was also a plot to kill the accused, however, the Greek police chose not to make it public to help investigators.

Vinnik stated TASS that he doesn’t know anything about the fake charges against him. He further added,

“Russia will sort everything out to determine whether or not I am guilty, while France and the US will not be able to do so, as there is no justice there.”

Greek police arrested Vinnik back in July 2017 as The U.S.Department of Justice confronted him for tax-evasion and fraud of around $4 billion worth of BTC (Bitcoin).

Further, France charged him with ”defrauding around 100 people in six different French cities during 2016 and 2018.”

At the very same time, the Russian government interfered in the case and asked to extradite the Russian national to his home country. The total amount of which Vinnik is charged, in Russian currency is equal to  667,000 rubles.


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