Bitcoin Mining Gold of Yesterday; Zcash Mining 4 times profitable

Jul 17, 2018 at 11:40 Update Date :Jul 17, 2018 at 11:40 UTC

Digital currency mining enthusiasts have been gushing about Zcash for quite a while now. The Return on Investment (RoI) rate of Zcash is much higher than that of other cryptocurrencies, which also include some of the largest digital currencies in the world by market capital, like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Bitcoin Cash (BTC).

The RoI generated from Bitcoin mining has declined considerably this year, as compared to the time when it was thriving during the cryptocurrency boom. According to AnythingCrypto, the Zcash miners who use Antminer Z9 Mini can, even in the worst case scenario, expect about a 100 percent RoI. It has been predicted that the altcoin might give returns well above $8000 over the period of two years.

This makes Zcash mining 400% more profitable than Bitcoin mining and approximately 200% more than Ethereum, which is the second most profitable crypto coin from the mining perspective.

The activity of coin mining involves a few peculiar things that one has to keep in mind before investing in a mining rig or ASIC. One of them is ‘difficulty’. Difficulty helps in keeping the coin prices stable and prevents too many block validations from reducing the value of the digital currencies. Basically, there’s an inverse relationship between difficulty and validation.

Therefore, there are chances of Zcash prices going down. AnythingCrypto’s prediction says that if the difficulty is assumed to have a 15% increase and there’s a 10% increase in price, it will collectively bring the Return On Investment down to $5400. Another scenario has been put forward where the ROI will amount to nearly $1400 if mining difficulty is increased by 40% and the price is increased by 8%.

If the same parameters are put to use, the Antminer E3 users (of the Ether mining rig) could expect profits of about $1270 and the Bitcoin miners are expected to get $283 using GMO B2.

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