Bitcoin Has a Shining Future, Says Famous Bitcoin Investor

Dec 6, 2018 at 09:30 Update Date :Dec 21, 2018 at 11:53 UTC

The future of Bitcoin, a leading crypto in the market, and one of the major cryptocurrencies Bitcoin Cash is bright, says Roger Ver, a bitcoin investor and the CEO of In a time when the crypto market is fluctuating like never before, Roger Ver still has a lot of hopes from Bitcoin, as he believes that Bitcoin has a bright future ahead.

Ver – A support to Cryptocurrency

Roger Ver is a famous character in the crypto space, and he plays an important role in bringing Bitcoin at a place where it is now. One can’t deny the fact that Roger Ver has brought crypto into the mainstream and also helped in mass adoption of crypto across the world.

Roger Ver, in an interview to Bloomberg, gave a positive look towards the crypto industry. When asked about the future of cryptocurrency, he said that being an independent investor, the future of crypto is brighter than ever. The crypto industry has seen more awareness, mass adoption, and more such stuff going around the world.

Ver Reply to Pundits

Many experienced and supervised analysts said that the use of cryptocurrency led to more and more cyber crimes. According to them, the crypto exchanges have impacted the security authorities, which resulted in a loss of millions of dollars from the pocket of investors. However, Vir denied all the statements, as he believes that such things are nothing but bullish signals. As per his vision, the crypto is here to stay for longer and is not going to vanish any second. He said:

“If anything I think it’s brought additional awareness to the ecosystem in the fact that such big players are involved. The fact that hackers are trying to hack it shows it’s worth something. The hackers wouldn’t be wasting their time trying to hack it if it wasn’t worth anything or wasn’t that useful,”  

He further added that he is bullish on the coin ecosystem in crypto, especially Bitcoin Cash. He wished every crypto a good luck and believed that the cryptocurrencies can bring more economic freedom in the world if we make them as useful as the currencies we are using today.

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