Bitcoin Cash’s CEO Ver, Calls Crypto Wallets ‘Awesome’

Aug 2, 2018 at 04:30 Update Date :Aug 2, 2018 at 04:30 UTC

Roger Ver, CEO of Bitcoin Cash, has recently used the term “awesome” to describe crypto wallets. He spoke about the different issues that the crypto-industry currently faces in an interview with journalist Ran NeuNer. According to Ver, crypto wallets should be simple and safe, and accessible to everyone.

The interview began with NeuNer himself stating that the wallet should be the first step towards the crypto world. This is how the interview began:

“…I think I’ll now get it [Ver’s reason for focusing on wallets]. It’s because the wallet is everybody’s entry point into crypto. You don’t need to try to do an exchange but you must have a wallet. Is that the right thinking?”

Answering this question, Ver mentions that a wallet essentially lets a user opt for any specific token of their own choice. A person’s wallet also says a lot about his trading activities. Ver explained that the wallet has a very important place in the crypto community.

Ver was then questioned about his views on all the extra hype surrounding crypto transactions and exchanges, although he was only specifically asked if speculations might just be the real reason for such a hype. He obviously maintains that all the hype that is being generated is completely normal when one sees the amount of money being made by these exchanges. He feels that anything that makes so much money would obviously get a lot of hype, but it will get a lot of competition gunning for it. This would eventually make profit margins fall over time.

It came up in the interview that holding multiple coins isn’t viable for any wallet right now. Ver said, “Yeah I wish I could say that the wallets are, you know, awesome and my grandma can use them but no, we have a long long long long ways to go with the wallets.”

Roger Ver believes that wallets would get more and more user-friendly in the future. He maintains that using a crypto wallet is just like using an iPhone – simple and uncomplicated, yet safe.

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