Australian Sports Star Involved in Cryptocurrency Endorsement Row

Aug 9, 2018 at 11:40 Update Date :Aug 9, 2018 at 11:40 UTC

Erstwhile player and captain of the Australian cricket team, Michael Clarke, is in the headlines for endorsing the Initial Coin Offering of the

Global Tech Exchange.

Global Tech Exchange, headquartered in Queensland, is a crypto-trade platform. Michael Clarke, has been recently reported to have signed up as the brand ambassador for the company. The ‘topics on fire’ read his endorsement, just after what he tweeted last night.

The tweet read,

“Exciting times ahead.”

Apart from this, he uploaded a screenshot of the company’s website witnessing him as the official brand ambassador.

Global Tech Exchange looks forward to gather a decent initial coin offering (ICO) for its upcoming crypto-exchange and trade service through this move. The company intends to raise a handful of approximately $10-50 million.

As per the claims, the announcement of Michael signing up the final contract comes after a series of discussions and proven legitimacy of Global Tech Exchange’s upcoming project.

Citing the former Australian Captain,

“I am really excited to be involved with Global Tech. Their ambition and drive is something that I resonated with straight away and I can’t wait to learn more about blockchain technologies.”

Having said this, Michael Clarke is all set to enter into the cryptosphere and dig in to learn about latest blockchain technologies. However, there always is, somebody, who is unhappy with whatever you do. John Hempton, a high profile investor from Sydney, commented on Clarke’s tweet,

“There are worse things you can do than tamper with the ball using sandpaper.” He, however, made no further comments when asked to clear out his statement. He just ended up saying, “Clarkey is being run out on his own call. I will stay in the crease.”

The company has entitled the project as “A Crypto Community for the People by the People”, and is extremely delighted to commence the ICO process from the 15th of August. The launch of its newly assembled platform is planned for the month of December, this year.

They expect to offer a service which would integrate the crypto investors from all over the globe and furnish them with the benefits of crypto technology.

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