Amsterdam Businesses Threatened With Bombings, Asks For Bitcoins As Pay-Off

Nov 2, 2018 at 17:30 Update Date :Nov 15, 2018 at 13:08 UTC

A number of businesses in Amsterdam have received a threat email to pay Bitcoins. The mail says that if the businesses fail to pay 50,000 Euros in BTC, they will be bombed. There are already many reports of this threat mail; therefore, the police are investigating the matter further.

Since May 2018, the threat email to pay bitcoins was delivered to three coffee shops and ABE club on Amstelstraat. As per the news outlet NLTimes, the businessmen are forced to close down the businesses if in case any shooting occurs or any explosion has been found.

In the threat email, it is written that many entrepreneurs have closed their doors by the actions of the municipality. It says, “To prevent you from being the next one, you must immediately take action”

The man behind the threat email was telling people to open up an account on Coinbase or Coinmama, purchase 50,000 Euros BTCs, and then forcing them to send it to a particular address. Later at the end of the threat email, it is written if the user follows their instructions, they won’t trouble the user again.

Strange, isn’t it?

The Man Behind the Threat Mail

Not just this but the writer also warns people that if the payments aren’t made in seven days, the amount demanded will be doubled. The email further reads as, “Make sure to close the doors if you don’t pay the 100K within the next 5 days”. Later, warned the user that it can be done by shooting a bullet into the face or by a grenade explosion in front of their door.

The anonymous person then mentioned to not file any police complaint and warns them to not share the news with anyone. The writer then warns the people that if he finds out any report or if the user shares the message with anyone then he ensures them to close the doors for at least 3 months. The writer further warns to come again if the user doesn’t pay 300K.

In May, Club ABE received the same email. In August 2017, an incident was seen where a grenade was found tied up to the door of the club. The co-owner Marcel Norbart says that it can be the same group of people behind this email too, however, there’s no clarity.

On July 25, there was also an explosion occurred in front of a home in Amsterdam district, not just this but in January an explosion was found at the bar on Korte Leidsedwarsstraat. Adding to this, last year, grenades were also found at ABE Club on Amstelstraat and the club in the Leidseplein city.

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