AMOS – Reinventing Fitness Regimes

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Owing to a sedentary lifestyle, people today spend hours sitting on their chairs with back support. This comfort and support have drifted us away from performing even simple physical activities, paving the way for many health-related issues. In fact, according to research conduct by the University of Cambridge, around 676,000 people die every year, merely due to the lack of exercise. While many people make resolutions year after year to exercise more and maintain a healthier lifestyle, there are only a few percentages of people who actually stick to their resolutions.

AMOS – Offering a Smart Solution

In order to motivate people to make a switch towards a healthier lifestyle, AMOS has introduced an unconventional sports ecosystem. AMOS platform has integrated blockchain, AI and machine learning technology to create an extensive sports mining network that encourages people to exercise more by offering them economic rewards and profits in return. Along with that, it also offers users valuable insights with regards to their physical condition and exercising regime for analysis.

AMOS Service Model

AMOS project brings in a smart sport watch and smart gym via blockchain to create an extensive sport service ecosystem. Within this network, users can exchange accumulated calorie consumption along with their exercise data via smart sport watch and earn AMOS tokens in return. Subsequently, through sport intelligence analysis patented by AMOS, the profit is fairly and transparently shared amongst the users based on their exercise data.

Smart Sport Watch

AMOS system calculates the calories burned by the users via smart sport watch and encourages users to exercise more by offering them token feedback. Additionally, AMOS smartwatch also records health and fitness condition of the users that is accessible for analysis on the AMOS app. This data serves as a valuable basis for evaluating users past and present health status. Furthermore, this data also enables AMOS system to offer personalized training programs to users in order to improve their health and fitness conditions.

 Features of Smart Sport Watch

  •    Sport Incentive Reward

➢        Rewards in exchange for gathered mileage and calorie consumption

➢        Releasing quests to earn rewards

  •    Sport Community

➢        Chat and Network

➢        Create teams to complete quests

  •    App Health Management

➢        Monitoring sport condition

➢        Physical improvement plan

  •    Sport Intelligence Analysis

➢        Giving feedback with sport data

➢        AI Algorithm

➢        Health Information

➢        Improvement plans

Smart Gym

AMOS has partnered with Strength Master Group to establish smart gym across the world and extend its concept of smart exercising offline as well. Through its extensive expertise in Research and Development landscape, the AMOS team is building the smart equipment for its smart gyms. The gym equipment will be integrated with AI, machine learning, and big data to monitor the exercise routine of the users who are using the fitness equipment. Additionally, the smart gym will also introduce AI coach that will educate users on how to use smart sports equipment and correct exercise posture in order to avoid the chances of physical burden and injuries.

Features of Smart Gym

  •    Reservation

➢        Reservation system for equipment

➢        Notifications

➢        Number of gym users control

  •    Autonomous Management

➢        Pay on mobile

➢        Door lock by the app

  •    Data Gathering

➢        User verification

➢        Equipment data

➢        Transformation data

  •    Smart Environment

➢        Temperature sensors

➢        Oxygen level sensors

➢        Customized equipment

  •    Data Analysis

➢        Analyze collected data

➢        Offer goals for customers to adjust training postures

AMOS Token Sale

AMOS has issued an overall 5 million tokens, out of which, 2 million was distributed to the crowdsale. The presale started from October 10th, 2018 and ended on November 30th, 2018, whereas the public sale was launched on December 1st, 2018 and will continue till February 28th, 2019. The token distribution is planned in the following manner:

  •    Presale – 7%
  •    Public sale – 30%
  •    Incentive tokens – 30%
  •    Founding team – 11%
  •    Market Development Application – 11%
  •    Technology Platform – 11%

AMOS – Offering a Unique Approach

AMOS allows people to protect themselves from all health-related issues by instigating them to exercise more often. This unique sports mining ecosystem has leveraged blockchain technology to offer its users profits and rewards based on their physical activities using AMOS wearables. Additionally, the integration of AI technology allows the platform to provide a tailored training program to each individual users,  in order to improve their fitness results for a healthier future.


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