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Aug 5, 2019 at 09:00 Update Date :Aug 5, 2019 at 09:00 UTC

Altcoin Era & have come together to offer you better quality content. We present the best airdrops daily; which have an interest in our community.
This implies that the selected projects are all checked by our team in depth. n nWe are analyzing the team, the project, the whitepaper, the presence on the social networks for example. Also, we estimate the gains (price ICO) and the feasibility of the project.We share very rarely referrals programs, presenting little interest for a member without network Finally, we are the only group redistributing 50% of the community affiliation links.More information on this aspect on our blog

We will see in this report the work done by LeBoinCoinCrypto & last, including:

  • published airdrops
  • closed airdrops
  • the received airdrops
  • and the rejected airdrops

📅Altcoin Era – Report of the 29/07/2019 – 05/08/2019

Statistics of 7 last days

✅ 6 new airdrops (~107.42$)
🚪 0 closed airdrops (~0$)
💰 0 airdrop received (~0$)
🚫 57 airdrops rejected !!

Details of 7 last days

✅ The following airdrops released recently are still available

🔸 01/08/2019 – StakD ~50$
ducts in return? Are you a crypto user/active person on the computer that would like to be compensated for his work wherever you are in this world? Are you a person that would like to buy certain brands product, but would like a discount? Then STAKD is perfect for you.

🔸 01/08/2019 – Minglechain Round 2 ~24$
Minglechain is the first application of network based on the location in the world for professionals, businesses and enthusiasts of the DLT/Blockchain. Our search function and tailor our messaging feature intuitive can help you find the contacts you need with a minimum of effort.

🔸 30/07/2019 – CIAxSaTT Round 2 ~15.1$
The blockchain is a database that is decentralized and distributed, which ensures the integrity of data and transactions.
Thanks to the blockchain, the advertisers and their campaigns are not connected between them. Thus, they are not all affected by the hacking or malfunction.
Thanks to the Smart Contract SaTT, ads, and transactions are governed by modules of autonomous beings that are secured by the blockchain In the event of a malfunction of a module or Oracle, the integrity of the ads of the other advertisers is preserved.

SaTT Token is top1 ICOBench thanks to a project having all the light in the green, but also to a strategy of Growth to be very effective. More information on linkedin

🔸 31/07/2019 – Discodery ~10$
Discodery created the first all-in-one solution that helps all kinds of businesses in their digital transformation. The Discodery digital solution is an intelligent, assisted and automated tool that allows deploying, without any technical knowledge, a personalized mobile native application (iOS and Android), a custom website and a complete management software.

🔸 03/08/2019 – ArenaMatch ~5$
Arena Match is a PC gaming esports app that allows gamers to skill-bet on skill challenges and matchmaking to win real money. Arena Match is currently in beta with our first supported game PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) and skill challenge game mode. We will be rolling out new game modes and game such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, and CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive).

AMG “Arena Match Gold” will serve as deflationary esports cryptocurrency token used for skill-based betting on popular PC games. We’ve also adopted Enjin’s SDK for ERC-1155 Skill Perk items that will enhance the user experience while providing true ownership on the blockchain.

Each time AMG is transferred 0.5% is burned reducing the circulating supply automatically based on volume. AMG stabilizes at the 16th decimal place and stops burning, ensuring that AMG won’t completely run out of supply but will instead increase in rarity.

🔸 30/07/2019 – MACH ~3.32$
MACH is a blockchain-based P2P asset trading platform. The P2P trading method pursued by MACH platform is to ensure that all trading is safely traded through the escrow system, which utilizes the characteristics of the blockchain that is not modifiable once recorded.

🚪 No airdrop has been closed lately

💰 No airdrop has been received lately

Some graphics are always interesting to better understand the work done during 7 last days

Below a small analysis on the airdrops studied and rejected. During the 7 last days, more than 90% have been rejected.

The detail of all rejected airdrops can be found on our site .We have also classified in SCAM more than 5% rejected projects!

🚨 The information collected below is from Estimated amounts are based on the advertised ICO price of each project. market price may fluctuate.

🎉Airdrops checked for qualities with good earnings prospects !!
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