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Altcoin Era & have come together to offer you better quality content. We present the best airdrops daily; which have an interest in our community.
This implies that the selected projects are all checked by our team in depth. n nWe are analyzing the team, the project, the whitepaper, the presence on the social networks for example. Also, we estimate the gains (price ICO) and the feasibility of the project.We share very rarely referrals programs, presenting little interest for a member without network Finally, we are the only group redistributing 50% of the community affiliation links.More information on this aspect on our blog

We will see in this report the work done by LeBoinCoinCrypto & last, including:

  • published airdrops
  • closed airdrops
  • the received airdrops
  • and the rejected airdrops


πŸ“…Altcoin Era – Report of the 07/05/2019 – 14/05/2019


Statistics of 7 last days

βœ… 7 new airdrops (~183.2$)
πŸšͺ 1 closed airdrops (~8$)
πŸ’° 0 airdrop received (~0$)
🚫 35 airdrops rejected !!

Details of 7 last days


βœ… The following airdrops released recently are still available

πŸ”Έ 07/05/2019 – Ontology ~2.4$
Ontology is a new high-performance public blockchain project & a distributed trust collaboration platform. Ontology blockchain framework supports public blockchain systems and is able to customize different public blockchains for different applications.

πŸ”Έ 07/05/2019 – BitParadise ~2$
Bit Paradise (BPD) is a new innovative form of exchange cryptomonnaies based on the meta game. The revenues of the transactions are used 100% by the redemption and the income of the game are distributed to the holder of the BPD by betcoin (known under the name of Chip corner).

πŸ”Έ 07/05/2019 – InsightsNetwork ~0.8$
Insights is automating the data brokerage industry via blockchain technology and smart contracts. Users securely own, manage, and monetize their data with the Insights Wallet. Data Brokerage corporations are generating $200 Billion a year in revenue. The Insights Network will transfer that wealth from corporation to consumer over the next ten years.

πŸ”Έ 07/05/2019 – BasicAttention ~N/A$
Basic Attention Token improves the effectiveness of digital advertising by creating a new unit of exchange between publishers, advertisers and users. Everything happens on the blockchain of the ETH. The value of the token is based on the attention of the user, which means simply a mental commitment target of a person.

πŸ”Έ 13/05/2019 – VIMee Round 2 ~160$
VIMee is a social network developed on the technology of the blockchain, high-speed Waves, which supports the construction of a community and the social interaction with the rewards of crypto-currency. VIMee combines the simplicity of social media centralized, the security of the decentralisation and the flexibility provided by the crypto-currency.

πŸ”Έ 08/05/2019 – Volum ~11$
VOLUM maximizes investment value and stability through its holding company structure. VOLUM invests in portfolio companies that currently possess, or have the ability to easily create, long-term asset value. This offers VOLUM investors diversification across multiple companies and industries.

πŸ”Έ 08/05/2019 – XCashNetwork Round 8 ~7$
The proposed X-Network, following them from the beginning, is a project that allows transactions, public or private. This will be a means of payment and a system that businesses or individuals can use for their projects. Consensus DPoS, it is a fork of Monero.


πŸšͺ The following airdrops have been closed lately

πŸ”Έ 09/05/2019 – Dayta ~8$
The vision of Dayta is to solve simultaneously multiple problems of data protection, consent and confidentiality. The team has designed a roadmap to put in place an enforcement mechanism, and exchange of personal information with secure, easy-to-use and robust within a digital ecosystem integrated.


πŸ’° No airdrop has been received lately

Some graphics are always interesting to better understand the work done during 7 last days

Below a small analysis on the airdrops studied and rejected. During the 7 last days, more than 83% have been rejected.

The detail of all rejected airdrops can be found on our site .We have also classified in SCAM more than 3% rejected projects!

🚨 The information collected below is from Estimated amounts are based on the advertised ICO price of each project. market price may fluctuate.

πŸŽ‰Airdrops checked for qualities with good earnings prospects !!
50% of our affiliate links are shared with the community!

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