A Twitter Kid Begging For a Bitcoin Wrote More Than 15,000 Tweets

Dec 23, 2018 at 15:30 Update Date :Dec 23, 2018 at 15:30 UTC

We have heard a lot of obsession stories. There is no doubt that people can be so mad to a great extent. The most recent and crazy obsession of a Twitter kid begging for a Bitcoin led him to write over 15,000 tweets. An account on Twitter is filled with more than 15,000 similar tweets where a Twitter kid begging for one bitcoin from a guy named ‘BeastGangPaulers’.

When it comes to the crypto market, begging is an old tradition. It is not something that took birth recently. If you want to see where begging takes places, go out to any gambling site, or even see some exchange troll boxes, all of them involves some sort of begging. All the tweets of bitcoin personalities are filled with comments where people ask for Bitcoin. Even in places like Reddit (crypto topics), you will see the same.

Give me Bitcoin: Twitter Kid

The twitter account ‘Give me Bitcoin’ is looking like some sort of a script. So called the kid is spamming ‘BeastGangPaulers’ for cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. The account, on average, posts at least a single tweet every hour – sometimes it goes up to two tweets. Therefore, at a total, the account has around 16,000 tweets with the same message written. The tweets read as:

“Hey, it’s the top of the hour time to beg mrbeastyt for a bitcoin. Pls give me a bitcoin or its 30 minutes past the hour time to beg mrbeastyt for a bitcoin.”

Insane, right?

In reply, the YouTube gamer Mr. Beast, who has over than 12M subscribers on his channel, and more than 660K followers on Twitter, has blocked the Twitter handle of the kid. Seeing the same 15,000 tweets; where a kid asking you for a Bitcoin is a serious pain. However, the tweets of the kid have no impact on the YouTuber, as he continues the money giveaway concept by making videos like this.

YouTube is a platform for gamer lovers, where they see the live streaming of a particular game played by their favourite YouTuber.

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