A Real-Time Cryptocurrency Rates Data Feed To Be Launched By Thomson Reuters

Jul 24, 2018 at 08:41 Update Date :Jul 24, 2018 at 08:41 UTC

The Canadian Multinational mass-media and information firm, Thomson Reuters Corporation, has recently come up with a cryptocurrency real-time rates data feed. The freshly assembled mimetic will furnish the market with well-founded and real-time information, for up to six digital coins over leading cryptocurrency exchanges. The prime intention is to stimulate productivity and transparency in the international market for digital asset holders.

Thomson Reuters Eikon platform has designed a customized API interface for trading in real time cryptocurrency states. As claimed by Reuters, the developed application is responsible for providing trading data from various crypto exchanges which includes bitflyer and bitpoint among 

It also added that more trading platforms are in schematics. The firm plans on launching the data feed after they discovered that a recent survey conducted declared that over 20 percent of 400 finance companies that participated in the survey are considering trading in cryptocurrency assets seeing the unprecedented growth in the cryptocurrency domain, for the next 12 months. This implies that approximately one in every five companies will establish direct contact with crypto assets this 

However, the pricing data for the real-time rates will amount to up to six crypto-assets trading companies. Now that Reuters is finally launching this service, this might indicate that they are finally coming to terms with digital currency on their own trading 

This past December, the media outlet recently added Bitcoin cash to its two preexisting cryptocurrency domains like Bitcoin core and Ethereum.

The CEO of the digital trading platform, Yuzo Kano, who is also the co-founder of it remarkably states, “As the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Bitflyer has made efforts to facilitate the development of cryptocurrency markets. He noted that is the first company to obtain a license to trade cryptocurrencies in Japan, the US, and Europe.” He further put an end to his statement by mentioning, “We are delighted to be able to provide valuable data to customers worldwide through Thomson Reuters.”

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