A Cryptocurrency User In Venezuela Donates Food And Supplies After Recieving Donations From The Nano Community

Jul 16, 2018 at 11:46 Update Date :Jul 16, 2018 at 11:46 UTC

A Venezuelan Reddit user, who uses the name, Hector, online. Recently used the platform to express his immense gratitude after having received a hefty donation from the Nano community. Nano is a cryptocurrency project that has been trying to improve everyday seamless transactions through immediate and free-of-charge transfers. Since having risen to fame over the last year, Nano has managed to bring together one of the largest crypto-communities in the world. It has amassed more than 42,000 subscribers on Reddit, and almost 100,000 followers on Twitter.

Hector had originally made a post on the subreddit telling the story of how he came to receive 0.5 Nano (approx. $1.25), which happens to be roughly equivalent to a month’s salary in his home country. Soon, he found himself overwhelmed with fortune as the extensive community came together to donate to Hector, and his Nano wallet soon massed up over 1750 Nano.

The users had flocked together to donate the money to a man who has had to face an uncertain economic situation in his country and has definitely had to deal with financial issues as the native Venezuelan Bolivar continues to hyper-inflate. According to research from John Hopkins University, the annual inflation rate in Venezuela has risen to a peak of 41,838%, rendering the Venezuelan Bolivar virtually useless. Naturally, cryptocurrencies have shown up to fill the shoes of traditional currency in the country, and users like Hector have made use of such digital assets in order to avoid using such a precarious and uncertain currency.

Instead of hoarding, Hector has indeed won hearts by sharing how he is donating food and essentials to his neighbours and friends with all the Nano that he has received. He has distributed a total of over 400 kilos of food and supplies, expending about $230 from his funds.

He has also brought to light the Nano community’s “Adopt A Family” program, through which they hope to donate funds to Venezuelan families to help them through the financial crisis of the country. The ultimate aim of this move is to have a win-win situation, wherein the families in need get the help they require, while the adoption of Nano in the country rises, which eventually helps the Nano community. Hector has become a very important part to the project and it’s image, truly symbolizing what the movement stands for.

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