7 Year Court Battle Results in Building Strong Ethereum Storage

Nov 11, 2018 at 21:00 Update Date :Nov 11, 2018 at 21:00 UTC

Daniel Nagy, who is the leading developer behind Swarm – which is ethereum’s decentralized storage layer, showed his excitement happiness in the words – “If you build it strong enough, the law will follow.”

Daniel is a precursor to BitTorrent –a file sharing device that runs on peer-to-peer technology, and he was running a DC node, which, as of now, is a perfect and completely obsolete technology.

During the legal battle, Nagy joined the Ethereum Foundation, where he went to look deeper into censorship-resistant technology. He also founded that Hungarian branch of Electronic Frontier Foundation.

“I had a bit of a legal fight over it and I won,” he said to a crypto news firm.

Birth of Swarm

Daniel Nagy’s experience in the courts led him to work on Swarm, which is a storage layer of Ethereum, where the focus in on privacy-protecting cryptography and system architecture. With the use of Swarm, Nagy was obsessed about the ways to make storage powerful enough that any legal consequences couldn’t happen in the future.

He said, “This is an arms race, and since we can develop stuff and the marginal cost of replication is zero, we will win this arms race, and I think everybody knows that,” 


In order to provide a stiff infrastructure to the decentralized internet, Swarm divides the information between the computers of various networks. And to protect these layers from any censorship; decentralization and privacy are needed to be concerned. For e.g. ‘redundancy’, which is called by developers, is a key to the way how Swarm safeguards itself from censorship.

Nagy further added that censorship becomes more costly when we have communication channels and various storage locations. Why? As it becomes necessity to find them and shut them down as soon as possible.

Storing information as well as having transparency on Swarm is possible, that is why most of the work of Nagy focused more on how to ensure that all sensitive information remains safe; private, even if it is stored in someone’s computer.

According to Nagy, the encryption of Swarm has been made to be as contract friendly as possible just to ensure that the developers of dapp can integrate the technology smoothly.

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