A British Artist Sold His Art Works In Exchange Of Cryptocurrencies

Sep 4, 2018 at 19:30 Update Date :Sep 4, 2018 at 19:30 UTC

In a report, it was mentioned that the British artist, Lincoln Townley has sold a collection of his work through WeChat by taking payments for the same in cryptocurrencies.

He was quoted as saying,

“I’m always looking at ways to do things differently in my route to market.”

On the speculative nature of the cryptocurrency investors, he said:

“The people who invest in Bitcoin are without doubt speculators – they are looking at something with more of a risk. But that’s why I thought to myself, these are the sort of people that would be interested in purchasing my art as an extension to their investment portfolio.”

He likewise specified in his meeting that he’s hoping to “shake up the craftsmanship world” by working up a different system of potential artistry purchasers through online networking. In a way that is like how bitcoin and different digital currencies endeavor to expel outsiders from exchanges, Townley said he is intending to wipe out the brokers from art-related exchanges.

Remarkably, Townley’s craft gatherers incorporate renowned English on-screen character and maker Sir Michael Caine and American movie producer and Primetime Emmy Award winning performing artist Al Pacino. The British craftsman, who has been designated “the following Andy Warhol” (a pioneer of visual or pop workmanship), noticed that were numerous crypto speculators who are likewise attached to gathering fine art.

As CryptoGlobe revealed, a Dutch native had put his home available to be purchased in return for VeChain tokens (VET), a cryptographic money made to help a blockchain-based shrewd contract stage composed particularly for all the more viably and straightforwardly overseeing coordinations and inventory network administration forms.

In spite of the fact that crypto costs have declined extensively in the wake of soaring to record-level highs toward the finish of a year ago, showcase examiners and crypto wallet supplier Abra’s CEO Bill Barhydt have uncovered that crypto-related innovative foundation is by and large effectively created.

Barhydt likewise noticed that there’s still “a ton of interest” for advanced monetary forms, while encouraging everybody to take in more about them and contributing just as much as they could bear to lose. Strikingly, this is a similar approach that bitcoin pioneer Charlie Shrem as of late prescribed too.

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