By Analyst on May 29, 2013

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Mt. Gox hasn’t been having the best month with payment sources with the freeze of its Dwolla account and now OKPay apparently withdrawing entirely from bitcoin processing and funding of exchanges. In what seemed like a surprise to everyone, the payment processor posted a one-sentence notice that it was no longer working with bitcoin and Mt. Gox released their own press on the subject.

OKPay was temporary suspending payments to and from Bitcoin exchanges from a statement released by Mt. Gox and from OKPay themselves. The suspension of services appears to be immediate, but Mt. Gox has told customers a solution will persist while customers work to shift away from using OKPay to fund their accounts.

Also, Liberty Reserve has suffered a total shutdown with its website shuttered and its founder arrested in Spain. A look at the worldwide expectations of virtual currencies and semi-anonymous payment processing that continuously casts the shadow of criminality over such operations.


*Excerpt from Silicon Angle.  News article copyright Kyt Dotson at Silicon Angle.


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